Our Free, No Obligation Covid-19 Seller Safety Plan enables Sellers to sell their home safely, both virtually and electronically. This means that Sellers can sell their home:

  • Without leaving their home
  • Without having buyers come into their home
  • Without in-person signatures

In today’s unprecedented times, many Sellers are looking to sell their home but are concerned for their safety and the safety of their loved ones due to the health risks associated with COVID-19. That is why Team Feras Riyal have devised a system that will allow Sellers to sell their homes 100% virtually.

Team Feras Riyal and RE/MAX have a database of over 10,000 buyers looking to buy a home. When we list your home, your home's criteria is matched to our database of buyers’ search criteria. A virtual video tour is created which showcases your home with a 360-degree view of all floor plans, giving the buyer a a vivid virtual experience of your home. Once we receive an offer on your home, we negotiate on your behalf all favourable terms between you and the buyer, including price, closing date and conditions. All is done 100% virtually. Thanks to technology, there are many different e-signing softwares that allow you to sign agreements without having to go into an office and meet with your agent.

Call now to learn more about our free and no obligation COVID-19 Seller Safety Plan.

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