How To Post A Review For Team Feras Riyal



Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for Team Feras Riyal! Our Team works hard to make sure you are satisfied with your Home Buying & Selling needs. This document will show you how to provide a review in only 10 minutes or less! 

*Tip: Copy your first review onto a word document. So you have an easy place to copy and paste, as you will be using the same review on multiple platforms*

Google Review


  • Next, select “5 Stars”, then enter your review. If you spoke with a representative from Team Feras Riyal, you may already have a written review that just needs to be pasted into this box. After entering your thoughts, please press “Post”. Now on to the next platform to paste your review. 


​​​​Rate My Agent

  • Copy this link into your web browser and select “Rate Feras Riyal” on the right-hand side:

  • Please go through and select the 5-Star options. Only the information by an Asterisks --> (*) is required. All other information is optional. As you scroll through you will see “Review Comment”. This is where you will paste the same review previously used in the Google Review. Next, please press “Add Rating” on the bottom right-hand side. Then please read on.

Rank My Agent

  • Select “5-Star Quick Rate” to make it easier for yourself.
  • Scroll down to “Write Your Review” and paste your previous review used on other platforms.
  • Please fill out the requested information and select “Confirm Review” on the bottom right-hand corner. Please move on to the final platform.


  • Paste your review and select “Post”. You are now done! Thank you once again for supporting Feras at Team Feras Riyal. We will always be here to help you with your Home Buying & Selling Needs!